Hydraulic Free Stall Alley Cleaner

Well suited system to clean one alley or alleys of different length using a single power unit.

The Hydraulic Free Stall Cleaner system is well suited to clean one alley, multiple alleys of different length or uneven number of alleys using a single power unit. It is the perfect option for small barns that do not use sand bedding and where the length of the alleys does not exceed 200 feet (61 m) or 250 feet (76 m) when the cross gutter is in the middle of the barn.

Working Principle

The hydraulic free stall cleaner system consists of a hydraulic power unit that applies pressure to cylinders in order to make the C-Rail moves back and forth on the floor. This rail is equipped with knobs on it that catch the scraper to make it move by a ratchet action. There are several models of C-Rail to adapt to different layouts and configurations. The hydraulic free stall cleaner can be floor mounted or installed in a groove.

Power Unit

Hydraulic Free Stall Cleaner
The hydraulic power unit is available with a motor of 3 or 5 HP. Different pump capacities are available in order to get the best cleaning speed for any barn configuration.
The hydraulic control on wall panel allows for operating a hydraulic cleaner system using an existing power unit. This wall control includes selector valve, flow control, reversing valve and oil damper.
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