GEA NisoX-Valve

The new GEA NiSoX-Valve technology introduces a complete change in high pressure homogenization technology. The NiSoX-Valve design optimizes different fluid dynamic effects employing the energy in the most efficient and effective way.

New NiSoX-Valve

The new NiSoX-Valve geometry facilitates a better distribution of energy inside the device. The better concentration of energy towards the middle of the valve and the effect of a modulated cloud cavitation are the most important elements that promote a more effective micronization of particles, and above all a significantly enhanced uniformity of the product.

Technical specifications

The design of the new GEA NiSoX-Valve combines mainly four factors optimizing the energy generated inside the system: 

  • Elongation stretching
  • Continuous acceleration along the passage
  • Radial impact at the centre of the valve
  • Cloud cavitation phenomenon

The effect of these factors on the flow is made possible only by virtue of a new mechanical configuration, the NiSoX-Valve is made up of only few active components: a deflector, a radial collider and the CCMS system (Cavitation Cloud Modulating System).

Passing through the adjustable deflector, the liquid accelerates to a high speed, whereupon the radial impact occurring in the radial collider generates a powerful cavitation effect, micronizing the particles more effectively and achieving an improvement in the physical properties of products.



The GEA NiSoX-Valve achieves excellent results especially with VHP applications in a pressure range from 700 to 1500 bar, which are particularly suitable for processing emulsions (micro and nanoemulsions) in pharma, cosmetic and chemical industries.

The GEA NiSoX-Valve delivers unprecedented results in terms of standard deviation (or polydispersity index), and high level of micronization not reachable with other devices. 

Main advantages:

  • Smaller particle size
  • Better particles distribution on product
  • Improved physical properties in terms of viscosity, transparency and glossy aspect and colours
  • Low temperature increase
  • Less energy consumption
  • Longer life span
  • Scalability consistency
  • Easy and quick maintenance
  • Cleanibility and sterilization performance
  • Reliable and resistant device
  • Available as retrofit for existing machines
  • Available both in tungsten carbide and ceramic materials

The NiSoX-Valve is available for the complete GEA homogenizers range, from the laboratory unit to industrial scale. 


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