Homogenizers laboratory

GEA TriplexPanda Lab Homogenizer

This 3 pistons table top unit has been designed to combined laboratory tests and small production processes ensuring best performances in terms of homogenization effects.

The new TriplexPanda Lab Homogenizer is plug-in & play unit for new product development and small production (up to 100 l/h)

Distinctive features:

  • Guaranteed scalability
  • Stability of the pumping flow
  • Clean block design
  • Suitable for difficult, sticky and viscous products
  • Continuous operation up to 600 bar

Two models available with a full list of options for any specific requirements

ModelMax pressureMax flow rate
GEA TriplexPanda Lab Homogenizer 400400 bar100 l/h
GEA TriplexPanda Lab Homogenizer 600600 bar60 l/h

Watch the video to see a test performed with a sticky product showing easy pumping flow and operation

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