Homogenizing Valves

Homogenizing NanoVALVE

Suitable for food, dairy, beverages and chemical emulsions process, NanoVALVE® gets the best out of the pressure: improves product viscosity and stability and minimizes running costs.

NanoVALVE® is the GEA high efficiency homogenizing valve designed for high flow rates and pressures up to 250 bar. Today the NanoVALVE® is available in its third generation (3G) for even more flexible use and improved performance.

The NanoVALVE® design

Nano VALVE components

The NanoVALVE® has been developed to achieve optimized performance at very low working pressure if compared to a conventional homogenizing valve.

The NanoVALVE® concept is based on a specific homogenizing valve profile, with optimized working gap and with a sharp edge for minimized travel distance between high pressure zone and high velocity zone, to release on product particles the most effective fluid-dynamic energy generated by high turbulence, localized cavitation, shear effects and wall impacts.

NanoVALVE® technology is suitable for different kind of applications: from food and beverages to dairy products: milk, yoghurt, cream and milk with flavors.

Sustainability follows the right choice

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The various homogenizing valve designs are fundamentally important along with the valve geometry. The NanoVALVE® design allows an increase in efficiency and a reduction in operating pressure (tests demonstrates up to 20% lower operating pressure compared to the GEA standard valve) providing energy savings and optimal use of the ingredients and resources. 

Technical features

  • Available both in single and double stage
  • Features in tungsten carbide
  • 3-A validation
  • CIP cleanability guarantee
  • Aseptic version
  • Reversible impact head
  • Stable and self dampening pneumatic control

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