Homogenizers - Laboratory Homogenizers Pilot Plant

Pilot plant homogenizers are designed for continuous operation up to 1500 bar and limited productions easy plug & play installation, simple operation and quick maintenance.

Pilot plant high pressure homogenizers can operate up to 1500 bar, even with limited sample volumes and achieves the same results as bigger size machines

Lab Testing to Industrial Production gets Easier

Pony NS2006L and Panther NS3006L models are standalone fully equipped laboratory units for food & beverage, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic, chemical testing or small scale production, featuring the performances of the industrial scale homogenizers.


Pilot Plant Homogenizers

ModelsMax PressureFlow Rate
Pony 1200

1200 bar

80 l/h
Pony 15001500 bar35 l/h
Panther 1200

1200 bar

120 l/h
Panther 15001500 bar50 l/h