Herringbone Parlor Global 45

The Global 45 herringbone milking parlor is the flexible solution for your dairy. It adjusts to both the size of your herd and the size of your animals.

With the Global 45 herringbone milking parlor, GEA gives you a flexibly expandable and durable milking parlor with an intelligent design. The ergonomic layout of the milking stalls combines with an intelligent floor plan to increase your throughput and dramatically reduce the expenditure associated with milking. It adjusts to suit your needs – not the other way around.

The Global 45 herringbone milking parlor: space-saving, durable and flexibly expandable

The Global 45 herringbone milking parlor gives you a whole range of important benefits that help to optimize your milking routine:

  • Adjustable breast bars suited to all breeds of cow
  • Can be expanded flexibly by adding extra modules
  • Shorter design to fit into low buildings
  • Durable construction that keeps maintenance work to a minimum
  • Open and ergonomic design for high milker comfort and fast throughput

High-quality milk as the Global 45 herringbone milking parlor is incredibly comfortable for the cows

When we design milking parlors, our focus is always the well-being of the cows. It has a definite effect on the quality of the milk. The Global 45 herringbone milking parlor gives your animals a high level of comfort while also increasing throughput.

  • The cows enter the milking parlor quickly through especially wide gangways.
  • The animal-friendly design of the milking stalls gives them sufficient space and makes it easier to position them correctly.
  • Once the last cow has entered the herringbone milking parlor, the door shuts automatically, locking flush with the last milking stall.
  • This process makes entering the milking parlor quick and stress-free for the animals.
  • To ensure that different breeds are all comfortable in the Global 45, it is fitted with a breast bar that can be adjusted to suit cows of any size.

The open design and Rapid-Exit system increase throughput

The intelligent design of the Global 45 herringbone milking parlor increases your throughput. The key feature is the open layout of the milking stalls which gives you excellent access and a good view of the udder. The milking clusters can be attached quickly and you can react to any problems immediately. The manure plates on the milking stalls protect against dirt during milking. Another special feature of the Global 45 is its fast group changes: With Rapid-Exit, the animals exit the milking parlor forwards, and therefore very quickly. This milking parlor is an ideal solution, even for larger herds.

The Global 45 herringbone milking parlor grows with you

To simplify your work, GEA has designed the Global 45 herringbone milking parlor in accordance with its Total Solutions strategy. This means that it can be expanded easily using any of GEA's milking parlor components. This includes our efficient milking control devices: They control the milking process and provide you with the most important data on a screen on the milking stall. All of the milking control devices are interconnected, so you have full control of the Global 45 herringbone milking parlor from any stall. The milking parlor is also incredibly practical if you choose to expand your herd. You can add further modules and milking stalls at any time. It is available in different sizes, with space for 2x8 to 2x50 animals. The Global 45 grows with you, making it the best solution if you want the design of your dairy to be especially flexible.

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