Herringbone Parlor Challenger 40

The Classic Herringbone Stall that Delivers High Value at a Competitive Price

The GEA Challenger 40 (36” and 42”) is a full featured, value-oriented herringbone stall that sets high standards of performance at an affordable price.

Features & Benefits

  • Greater cow comfort – new "S" rail design and sloped rear splash shields conform to the cow’s shape for greater cow comfort and operator access to the udder. 
  • Excellent visibility and access – suspended rear stall design means no columns blocking access to cows and results in excellent visibility for the operator. Sloped back-end also provides easier access. 
  • Choice of exit design – choose conventional or rapid group exit. 
  • Fast loading – large entrance lane and straight brisket rail speeds cow loading. 
  • Greater space efficiency – 36” stall center allows more stalls in less space. 42” stall center allows for the highest level of visibility available in a herringbone stall from GEA. 
  • Heavy-duty construction – 4 1/2” main support columns and 2x6” crossbeams; 11 ga. curbing and 12 ga. splash shields for longer life, and lower maintenance costs; crossbeam support of stalls offers unsurpassed structural integrity. 
  • Easy installation – crossbeam superstructure makes installation and future upgrades easier; minimum 7-1/2’ ceiling clearance fits easily into most existing structures. 
  • Wide selection of sizes – choose from double-4 to double-20 configurations. 

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