Machine Control GEA Omni™ Control Panel

The intuitive touch for machine control technology

GEA is synonymous with precision-engineered solutions and the GEA Omni™ control panel extends its legacy of leadership and innovation. Featuring the industry’s first high-definition, multi-touch screen, GEA Omni delivers the ease of use and technical wow factor that you’ve come to expect from GEA. Powerful, yet approachable. Cerebral, yet intuitive. Sophisticated, yet simple. Simply – GEA Omni.

High-definition, easy-to-use HMI

Featuring a true high-definition (1366 x 768 pixels) color display, the GEA Omni human-machine interface (HMI) provides clear visualization of drawings, images, and text.

One solution

GEA Omni has been designed as an open system. As a result, it can monitor and control not only the relevant components from GEA, but also those from other companies.


In addition to its visually stunning and intuitive HMI, the GEA Omni control panel appeals to not only operators but system integrators as well. As it comes from the factory, GEA Omni satisfies typical industrial communications standards for purposes of data exchange with auxiliary and supervisory control system components.

Drawings, manuals, and videos

Quick access to documentation available for on-screen viewing can prove to be invaluable during new system commissioning or when troubleshooting.

GEA OmniLink™

Included with every GEA Omni control panel is GEA OmniLink™ – a stand-alone Microsoft Windows© operating system application designed to automatically find GEA Omni panels on the same Ethernet network, read panel status, and view the present panel screen as if viewing the panel on-site.

GEA OmniHistorian™

GEA OmniHistorian™ is a Microsoft Windows© operating system application used to view and analyze historical data.  GEA Omni stores years of operating information at a user-defined sampling rate.  This information consists of I/O data, event logs, parameters, revisions, and annunciations which can be easily transferred over Ethernet using GEA OmniLink.


Up to 25 unique users can be created, each with a customizable view of operating data, control parameters, and panel screens. Each unique user’s login history and actions are recorded in the panel for auditing purposes. Control parameters may be adjusted only within allowable limits, and all changes are logged in the panel’s history for security and administrative review. As a result, GEA Omni helps to minimize operator mistakes and system failure. GEA Omni provides three levels of security – Operator, Service, and Administrator.

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GEA is synonymous with innovation, leadership and precision-engineered solutions. GEA Omni™ Retrofit Panels extend this tradition. Featuring a high-definition, multi-touch screen, GEA Omni™ delivers the ease of use and technical wow factor that GEA customers have come to expect.

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