Machine Control GEA Grasso Maintenance Monitor (GMM)

First class electronic monitoring based on proven developments

The GEA Grasso Maintenance Monitor is a compact microprocessor physically mounted on the compressor body of the GEA Grasso V series and is a standalone unit monitors on line the relevant data to determine the “On time” maintenance intervals. The monitor automatically generates a message for an upcoming A, B or C level service. This message can be read directly from a small built in display, remote PC, or if required, sent out a message by email to the person/company responsible for the maintenance. When connected to a network even real time measured data are available as well as information about the executed and upcoming service intervals.

A new approach

“On time” maintenance balances the life time of wearing components and the expected reliability. In other words: The end user benefits from longer service intervals without jeopardizing reliability. In industrial refrigeration this is a quite new approach. The traditional “fixed” service intervals will slowly be taken over by the new system. Therefore GEA is happy to present this monitoring system to the market and is convinced that it, together with the new V series compressors, contributes to the reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership.



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