The Compact Control System for Breweries GEARBOXX™ Process Automation

Efficient process automation of plant sections and units

The automation of small breweries, plant sections or units requires small control systems that have smaller quantity structures, but efficiently cover all important functionalities of a larger process control system. With GEARBOXX™, GEA offers a proven compact system that meets exactly these requirements.

We have the flexibility to adapt to meet the local conditions.

GEARBOXX™ Process Automation

All GEARBOXX™ components are based on proven and constantly innovated compact control concepts.

The IP65 HMI devices with stainless steel fronts can be installed directly in the field. Complete program storage is done on semiconductor memories without any movable parts in either the PLC or HMI (panel operator unit) device.

When used with a PLC and HMI, GEARBOXX™ offers similar functionality to large process control systems.

  • Operation and parameter correction of all I/O elements from the graphical user interface;
  • Execution of recipe-controlled programs with pre-selectable recipes and objects;
  • Program structuring and operation in accordance with S88;
  • Profibus DP and Profibus PA coupling of plant peripherals.

A comprehensive range of standard modules is available. The modules required in the PLC and their links are generated directly out of Excel, parameterized, stored in the PLC project and immediately transferred to the PLC, if required. This ensures that a current parameter and process description is available at any time in Excel table format.

Furthermore, an as-built documentation can always be written from the system back into the GEARBOXX™ tool.

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