Heat Pumps Customized GEA heat pumps

Industrial heat pumps with screw compressors

GEA heat pumps are designed for optimized efficiency at high temperature levels. These heat pumps are customized for a wide capacity range (300 kW to 15,000 kW) and suitable for many different industrial applications such as district heating systems, flue gas condensation, hotels, hospitals, geothermal heating, paper and pulp industry, data centers and many more.

Highlights & Technical Features:

  • Single screw compressor / single stage operation
  • Continuous capacity adjustment by VSD (option)
  • Hot water (glycol) supply up to 85°C
  • Natural refrigerant Ammonia (R717)
  • Maximum design pressure up to 52 bar(a) – 63 bar(a) on enquiry
  • Flooded evaporation
  • Plate condenser and evaporator
  • Different plate materials available (acc. media requirements)
  • Subcooler and desuperheater if required
  • Combined heating and cooling possible