Chillers GEA Grasso FX GC / GEA Grasso FX GCduo

Top efficiency combined with flexibility

The GEA FX GC / GEA FX GCduo series has a capacity ranging from 300 to 2,000 kW. The models are characterized by great part-load efficiency, even without frequency inverters. This series is suitable for all applications with temperature differences up to 50 K between evaporation and condensation.

Technical features:

  • Top efficiency at full and part loads
  • Flexible and modular design
  • Capacity control with cylinder switch off and/or frequency inverters (stepless between 500 – 1500 rpm)
  • High-efficiency plate heat exchangers as evaporators
  • Liquid cooled condenser by default, suitable for other condenser types
  • Piston compressor chillers equipped with 1 or 2 compressors (FX GC or FX GCduo)

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GEA Grasso FX GC / GCduo
TypeCompressorCapacity¹) (kW)Dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)
GEA Grasso FX GC (1 compressor)260GEA Grasso V3002773200200023003100
400GEA Grasso V4504153600200024004200
525GEA Grasso V6005543700200026004950
600GEA Grasso V700810²)4400230028005985
900GEA Grasso V11001210²)4700230033008400
GEA Grasso FX GCduo (2 compressors)520GEA Grasso V300 / V3003024100200026005200
650GEA Grasso V300 / V4506904400220028006350
800GEA Grasso V450 / V4508304600220028007600
900GEA Grasso V450 / V6009695200220033009050
1050GEA Grasso V600 / V600110856002200330010450
1200GEA Grasso V700 / V7001630²)56002300350011500
1500GEA Grasso V700 / V11002020²)62002300370013400
1800GEA Grasso V1100 / V11002420²)65002300380014500

¹) Secondary refrigerant temperature 12/6 °C, cooling medium temperature 27/32 °C, ²) with frequency inverter