Fully Automatic Pipe Connection System ECO-MATRIX™ Piping Solution

The efficient piping concept for process plants

The fully automatic pipe connection system ECO-MATRIX™ is based on a compact tank outlet tree. The short vertical pipe below the tank in combination with the ECO-MATRIX™ double-seat valves guarantees good cleaning conditions and minimum product losses.

The efficient piping system with the focus on quality — ECO-MATRIX™


To sum up: our cellar piping concepts improve the foam and taste stability of your beers – at minimum life cycle costs.

Benefits at a glance:
With regard to plant investment costs
• Fewer valves as comparable systems with valve matrix
• Easier installation (less valves)
• Easier automation (less valves)

With regard to running costs
• Less flush-out losses due to favorable valve arrangement and shorter pipes
• Less CIP losses due to the integrated LEFF® module
• Lower cleaning agent losses
• Less maintenance work

Additional benefits with intangible values
• Highest flexibility
• Ecologically sound operation
• Fail-safe operation



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