Flash Pasteurization System ECO-FLASH® Flash Pasteurizer

The ECO-FLASH® fully automated, modular and skid mounted flash pasteurization system enables the heat treatment and stabilization of beer, beer mixes, ciders and other carbonated liquid products by eliminated spoilage micro-organisms.

This process step enables breweries to ensure the sustained quality of their product.

Focusing on microbiological safety, quality and flavor stability, beverages are  processed in a controlled, continuous flow and subjected to the required temperature for a defined time.

Key features

  • Precise control of the Pasteurization Units (PU) as an essential safety factor
  • Level-dependent flow control increases buffer capacity and reduces product losses
  • Consistent pressure regime ensures a positive pressure gradient and prevents outgassing
  • Sophisticated handling of interruptions and errors ensures high levels of process safety and minimizes losses
  • Completely integrated cleaning and sterilization concept for highest hygiene standards
  • Design based on proven EHEDG principles 
  • VARIVENT® D-Force special valve ensures maximum hygiene

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