Automated Milking GEA DairyRobot R9500 Robotic Milking System

Flexible scheduling, high efficiency: intelligently designed robotic milking systems

Choose automated milking with free milking times or via batch milking, depending on which operational routine you prefer:

Let the cows decide for themselves when they want to enter the R9500, or open the milking box at fixed milking times and easily combine the advantages of automated milking with the benefits of a group milking parlor. The intelligent functions of the ergonomically designed milking robot help you manage cows comfortably. How you use the time you’ve won is up to you: Optimize production according to your wishes!

An automated milking system for top milk quality

GEA’s In-Liner Everything concept is the key to good milk quality, from perfectly hygienic attaching, cleaning and stimulation all the way to in-liner dipping in the teat cup before cluster removal. The cows gladly adapt to the predictable, standardized milking routine. While teat-friendly milking effectively supports the udder health of your herd, the choice of free or semi-guided cow flow all around the milking robot enables productive calm. Create an atmosphere that promotes high throughput and high milk yield completely automatically!

Groundbreaking early mastitis detection at quarter level

Combine your robotic milking system with pioneering sensor-based technologies which let you detect mastitis early on. During milk flow, the optional GEA DairyMilk M6850 cell count classes sensor monitors in every udder quarter of every cow at every milking and without the use of any consumables or reagents. Thanks to the cell count analysis in every individual udder quarter you can detect incipient disease and benefit directly from short treatment periods. Focus on the milk yield of healthy cows ready to be milked!

Attractive workplace in a high-tech environment

Hygienic, with an open design that allows for a clear view and access to the udder, the innovative functions of the GEA DairyRobot R9500 milking robot are at your fingertips: The live view mode visualizes processes in real time on the touchscreen. With a few clicks, you can get a current picture of animal health or switch to monitoring milking parameters. Via the panel, you comfortably manage the milking process. Your cows benefit directly: you can attach special needs cows manually and easily train heifers!

Optimized design for cow comfort and productivity

The DairyRobot R9500 is creating a buzz with its intelligent design. The enter and exit gates open wide and the robust end frame pushes cows of any size gently into the best attaching position. Unnoticed, the MilkRack goes under the cow, so the most recent G5 ToF camera can attach precisely. When the milking process is over, the hydroformed feed trough is covered. This encourages the cow to leave the spacious milking robot more quickly when the door opens.

Automated milking with intelligent technology

With the GEA DairyRobot R9500 you noticeably increase productivity: The milking robot system’s strong performance is achieved thanks to low maintenance, 24/7 operation with minimum use of consumables and energy. Would you like your dairy farm to grow while saving electricity? With the DairyRobot R9500 you can connect up to three milking boxes to only one Supply Unit. This lowers consumption, the more boxes you operate. With the GEA DairyRobot R9500, your automated milking system is in pole position!


See the latest features of the new DairyRobot R9500 robotic milking system

With GEA FarmView always up-to-date

Service-friendly design and GEA FarmView make it easy for you to manage your GEA milking robot. The system monitoring software, lets you optimize performance parameters during operation, keeping you informed promptly about deviating values. If desired, your GEA service partner can access your automated milking system for online diagnosis.

High performance service concept for maximum productivity

When you choose a GEA milking robot, GEA is at your side from day one. A certified dealer specialized in automated milking systems is always nearby thanks to GEA’s extensive worldwide network. Your GEA dealer supports you from planning and installation all the way to perfecting production processes in your daily business. If there’s any kind of problem, a GEA support team will be there for you in no time. With non-stop availability and quick reaction time, we give our best for your dairy business.

Adam Garfat, R&D Garfat Farms, has experienced faster milking times since installing their GEA robot.

We really like the camera feature that allows for efficient attachment. Plus, with the all-in-one liner, it cleans, milks and dips in one smooth motion,”- says Garfat.

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DairyRobot R9500 robotic milking systems in action

GEA brings robotic milking efficiency to Garfat Farms

“We decided to install the Monobox milking robot on our farm because it allows our cows to choose when and how many times a day they want to be milked. We really like the camera feature that allows for efficient attachment. Plus, with the all-in-one liner, it cleans, milks and dips in one smooth motion. The manual attachment feature is very easy to operate and we have the option to divert one quarter from a cow if needed. Since switching to the Monobox milking robot, our cows are calmer and happier. Our milk quality has improved and our somatic cell count was reduced. With a great support staff from GEA, we were able to overcome any obstacles and easily adapt to the Monobox. I would rate that a 10 out of 10.” 

  • Name/Farm: Adam Garfat, R&D Garfat Farms
  • Herd size: 50 cows
  • Location: Mapleburg Holsteins, Woodstock

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