Chillers GEA BluGenium

Efficiency at its most flexible

If your refrigeration plant operates primarily in part load mode, GEA BluGenium offers special energy benefits that have noticeably positive effects on the Total Costs of Ownership (TCO).

With an European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) above 9, these models offer maximum energy-efficiency under full load, and especially under part load.

Highlights & Technical Features

  • Compact piston chiller
  • Excellent part load efficiency, ESEER above 9
  • 280 - 1,210 kW cooling capacity (R717, 12/6 °C)
  • Secondary refrigerant outlet temperature -15/18 °C
  • Casings for touch protection and noise reduction optionally available

GEA BluGenium
TypeCooling capacity (kW)
R717, +12/+6 °C
EERDimensions (mm)Weight

GEA BluGenium 3002805.24600120021404010
GEA BluGenium 4504205.24600120021404740
GEA BluGenium 6005605.35300120022205900
GEA BluGenium 9008105.55300120023406270
GEA BluGenium 120012105.55600120024608600