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GEA OptiFlour

GEA OptiFlour

Working principle
A conveyor belt carries the product onto a flour bed. Small doses of flour are fed constantly onto the patented shaker belt, where the flour spreads evenly to create a thin or thick top layer as desired. Lumps are removed. Optionally, the product runs under two adjustable pressure rolls, ensuring optimal flour adhesion. Ticklers remove surplus flour through manually controlled belt vibration. At the outfeed,excess flour is blown off.

• Amounts of flour are fed constantly on the product
• Lumps are automatically removed
• The patented flour divider ensures a defined pick up of flour
• Simple to operate - easy to understand
• Excess flour is blown off

The closed construction of the new generation GEA OptiFlour® minimizes dust production. It is possible to connect the machine to a factory’s existing blower and exhaust system. In combination with GEA OptiAir, the GEA OptiFlour® puts an end to the inconveniences of flour such as blocked blower pipes and cleaning the room after production. The GEA OptiFlour® is first in the industry to work dust-free. GEA OptiAir extracts air from the GEA OptiFlour® creating under pressure within the machine. The dust taken with the air is separated and can be re-used into the GEA OptiFlour® without interrupting production. Extreme short change over times while machine remains in line.

• Consistent high product quality
• Extended application window
• Minimized dust – improved working environment
• Extremely user-friendly, lean concept
• Extreme short change over times

No loose parts – easy cleaning and minimal maintenance

Output quality 
A coating is judged by its pick-up and uniformity. The pick-up (yield) is controlled through a patented flour divider, and adjustable top and bottom coating supply. The integrated lump remover ensures that lumps and other contaminants never reach the product. An adjustable scraper bar prevents contamination sticking to the belt. 

• Patented flour divider – controllable equal pick-up 
• Most equal flour distribution 
• Lump removal system 

The GEA OptiFlour® is very easy to operate. All process settings can be adjusted from outside the machine, even during production, with a direct view into the hopper. 

• Very easy to operate 
• Process settings adjustable from outside the machine 
• Direct view into the hopper 

No loose parts – easy cleaning and minimal maintenance 

• Easy cleaning and minimal maintenance 
• No loose parts 

The new generation GEA OptiFlour® is very easy to operate. All process settings can be adjusted from outside the machine, even during production, with a direct view into the hopper. The control panel, featuring speed read-out, is placed at ergonomic height. Thanks to its innovative belt-drive system the GEA OptiFlour® runs perfectly with seasonings, fine pre-dust flour, fine- and medium crumbs, and sticky, seeded flours. Attention has been paid to accessibility, for example, the blower pipes are easy to reach for inspection and cleaning in the cleaning position, there are no loose parts and the infeed is made accessible. 

• Easy to adjust during operation 
• Fast machine set up.

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