Flexible battering machine for thin batters

GEA WetCoater

The GEA WetCoater is simple to operate. With a few quick and easy manual adjustments, the machine can be set up to apply a smooth and efficient batter coverage to a huge range of products in a wide variety of shapes and styles.

GEA WetCoater - Flexible battering machine


Batter application is important to make coated products appear perfect . The GEA WetCoater works with an underbath and a four-layer batter curtain. By changing the position of the batter curtain, the process can be fine-tuned to suit the application and provide ideal adhesion for breading. This,  with ease of use and robust design, makes it a highly reliable machine that has  proven itself in numerous lines all over the world.

Main applications

GEA WetCoater is suitable for 400mm, 600mm and 1000mm wide lines. Main product applications include poultry products (boneless and bone-in), pork cutlets, meat replacement products and vegetables. The GEA WetCoater can also be used to marinate pork tenderloins and spare ribs.

Versatile battering machine for thin batters 

  • Even coverage and efficient batter usage
  • Ensures even coverage of products in a variety of shapes 
  • Top and bottom coverage from the four-layer batter curtain with V-shaped under-bath 
  • Also suitable for marinating pork tenderloin and spareribs

Extremely user-friendly operation, cleaning and maintenance

  • High reliability, due to proven, simple design
  • Easy adjustment of the batter curtain, curtain position and blow off functions, to suit the application
  • Fast and easy cleaning with great access to all machine functions
  • Simple positioning in-line with compact design and small footprint

Maximun flexibility

  • Cooling jacket gives maximum control of the batter temperature 
  • Thicker batter application from the heavy-duty blower
  • Fast in-line positioning with quick-link coupling

Advanced technology

Efficient batter usage

The GEA WetCoater works effectively with a minimum quantity of batter in the machine. This means only a small amount of batter is used to start the machine and while changing to a different batter. This also ensures even product coverage by keeping the temperature of the batter under control.

Even batter coverage

When the products leave the machine, excess batter is blown off and returned to the process . The air supply and air distribution to the top and bottom is adjustable. Even coverage is guaranteed by efficiently changing the position and angle of the blower.

Technical details of GEA WetCoater

GEA WetCoater 400 GEA WetCoater 600 GEA WetCoater 1000
Belt width 400 mm 600 mm 1000 mm
Infeed height 1135 ± 100 mm 1135 ± 100 mm 1135 ± 100 mm
Outfeed height 1080 ± 100 mm 1080 ± 100 mm 1080 ± 100 mm
Minimum batter volume 15 liter 17 liter 21 liter
Belt speed 2 to 20 m/min 2 to 20 m/min 2 to 20 m/min
Electric power 0,60 kW 0,60 kW 1,0 kW
Dimension L x W x H 1820 x 1350 x 735 mm 1820 x 1350 x 935 1820 x 1350 x 1335
Machine weight 166 kg 183 kg 270 kg

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