Authentic homestyle breading

GEA MultiDrum

Benefit from GEA’s advanced coating technology for the food industry. GEA MultiDrum is a patented, state-of-the-art homestyle flour breader. It offers the perfect marriage between productivity and authenticity, without compromise. Our homestyle coater helps use ingredients efficiently, requires very little manual labor and promotes dust-free working conditions.

Re-create authentic homestyle breading

Re-creating delicious homestyle breading on an industrial scale used to be a compromise. You had to choose between an authentic look but with low production efficiency, or a non-authentic appearance with better efficiency. No more! GEA has perfected its homestyle breader to overcome all of the automated homestyle breading drawbacks and help you produce authentic natural products with a crunchy golden coating. Just like mom used to make it!

Main applications

Main applications | GEA MultiDrum - authentic homestyle breader

GEA MultiDrum homestyle breader is typically suitable for applications such as for bone-in and boneless chicken tenders, cuts, shrimps, fish and onion rings.

Best in class performance

  • Perfect homestyle appearance, like mom use to make
  • Full spread across the outfeed belt width without manual labor
  • Better control of flour pick-up and wider pick-up range

Reliability you can count on

  • Patented dual (600) or triple (1000) drums significantly reduce flour usage and increased line throughput
  • High-quality products with no compromise on line performance
  • Best application know-how from meat preparation to cooking

High efficiency in a smart design

  • Less dust in work place thanks to OptiAir function, smaller drums and better closure
  • Full process control via adjustable flour bed, drum angle and drum speed and automated flour dosing
  • Thorough, automatic cleaning of the whole machine
  • Minimal manual handling and labor


Advanced technology
No Converging at the infeed
GEA MultiDrum | Authentic homestyle breader - infeed

With the GEA MultiDrum your benefits start at the beginning: the infeed. There’s no need for converging machines: they just add cost and footprint. As the products rise on the chain belt, they are naturally divided into separate channels: one for each drum. The correct level of flour is maintained so your products are breaded perfectly every time. 

Three rotating drum
GEA MultiDrum | Authentic homestyle breader - 3 drums

This technology is unique to GEA MultiDrum coating machines. The homestyle appearance is created by tumbling your products in a drum. There are no augers, so there’s little chance of blockage. After tumbling, excess flour falls through the slits and is constantly cycled back to the machine. At the outfeed of the homestyle breader, products are spread evenly across the belt, so you don’t need spreading machines or manual workers.

Technical details for GEA MultiDrum
MultiDrum 600MultiDrum 1000
Belt width6001000
Belt speed min/max2,5 - 25 m/min2,5 - 25 m/min
Dimensions L x W x H365x160x185 cm365x200x185 cm
Machine weight1350 kg1350 kg


Additional equipment for GEA MultiDrum
Dust free environment with GEA OptiAir
GEA OptiAir | Dust free environment for coating applications

GEA OptiAir sets the world standard for a dust-free environment for coating applications. It was developed with the innovative GEA OptiFlour pre-duster to achieve a cleaner, safer and more pleasant working environment. It’s fully compatible with the GEA MultiDrum. The risk of cross-contamination in your factory is reduced.

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