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CrumbMaster Gen 2

CrumbMaster Gen 2 is the latest evolution of GEA’s dedicated crumb coater, embodying more than 60 years' experience in developing coating machines closely working with leading coating producers. The new coater/breader ensures high-quality and consistent coverage for all products, and handles a broad range of crumb types with minimal crumb breakage. The new CrumbMaster also promotes a cleaner, dust-free working environment. Its clever, easy-to-clean design will help you control the crumb and master your coating process for a happier workforce, better products and satisfied customers.

Designed for your convenience and high-quality crumb coating

The versatile GEA CrumbMaster Gen 2 is the industry standard in coating with the lowest crumb breakdown. Enclosed design eliminates dust by up to 90%. The clever design keeps operating, cleaning and maintenance simple. While the innovative crumb divider allows a different crumb size top and bottom, and can handle a wide range of crumbs..

Master your coating process with CrumbMaster Gen 2

Main applications

GEA CrumbMaster Gen2 | main applications such as coated poultry, fish, vegetarian, meat alternative products

The GEA CrumbMaster Gen 2 is designed for a wide range of applications such as red meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables and meat-replacement products. It can handle all types of breadcrumbs from fine to J-crumbs and premium crumbs to specialty breaders.

High consistency in output quality

  • Spreads crumb evenly top, bottom and sides
  • Integrated blow-off control and crumb recirculation improves consistency with less waste
  • Top and bottom crumb adjusted independently
  • Excellent crumb adhesion and very low crumb breakdown

Less dust for a better working environment

  • Enclosed design eliminates dust by up to 90%
  • Less downstream contamination
  • Connects to GEA OptiAir for dust-critical applications  

Hygienic design with simple cleaning

  • Easy access with unique fold-away panels and self-draining design, without dead pockets
  • Stainless steel drives and motors, sealed bearings and food-safe plastics
  • Easy to operate and clean with minimal water consumption
  • Complies with the most stringent global hygiene regulations

 Flexible and efficient for better profits

  • Fast, in-line product changeover
  • Tool-less exterior adjustment with simple height adjustment for easier line integration
  • Wide range of crumb types from fine to J-Crumb and premium crumbs to specialty breaders
  • Belt speed up to 30m/minute and available in 400mm, 600mm and 1000mm belt width


Advanced technology
Minimal crumb breakage
GEA CrumbMaster Gen2 | crumb coating machine with minimal crumb breakage

Every aspect of the CrumbMaster’s design is aimed at generating as little mechanical stress on the crumbs as possible. Slides transport the crumbs without the use of conveyors or screws and a special frame design avoids crushing the crumbs.

Patented crumb divider
GEA CrumbMaster Gen2 | crumb coating machine with patented crumb divider

To achieve a consistent composition of the coating, and avoid uneven coating of products, the CrumbMaster includes a patented sieve system. However, by exchanging divider plates it is also possible to apply different crumb compositions to the top and the bottom of the breaded products.

Optimum coating adhesion
GEA CrumbMaster Gen2 | crumb coating machine with optimum coating adhesion

A conveyor belt carries the products to be breaded through a bottom layer of breading, while the top coating is applied from a hopper above. An extra-long breading bed, together with an adjustable pressure roller, ensures optimum coating adhesion. At the end of the process, excess crumbs are blown off and returned to the circulation system.

Technical details of GEA CrumbMaster Gen 2

Belt width4006001000
Max. belt load10 kg/ lin m15 kg/ lin m
25 kg/ lin m
Min. product size16 mm16 mm16 mm
Max. free product space70 mm70 mm70 mm
Min. crumb volume60 liter90 liter150 liter
In-feed height1060 ± 80 mm1060 ± 80 mm
1060 ± 80 mm
Out-feed height1060 ± 80 mm1060 ± 80 mm1060 ± 80 mm
Belt speed min/max3 to 30 m/min3 to 30 m/min
3 to 30 m/min
Wire belt2,35 - 12,7 mm 
(gap 10,35mm)
2,35 - 12,7 mm 
(gap 10,35mm)
2,35 - 12,7 mm 
(gap 10,35mm)
Dimensions L x W x H2635 x 1440 x 2315 mm2620 x 1140 x 2315 mm2620 x 1790 x 2315 mm
Machine weight580 kg690 kg1030 kg


Accessories for CrumbMaster Gen 2
GEA OptiAir | For a dust free environment
GEA OptiAir | Dust free environment for coating applications

With the addition of GEA OptiAir, that extracts flour dust from the atmosphere during the breading process, the GEA CrumbMaster Gen 2 can operate effectively in dust-critical applications.

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