Freezing and cooling systems

Cool solutions and frost-free freezing

GEA has consulted with the global bakery industry to provide a range of cooling and freezing systems that will meet any requirement for cookies, cakes, pies, breads and pastries.

 The TOR cooling tower is designed for cooling products on trays after baking. The vertical system of tiers for trays replaces traditional long horizontal cooling conveyors, and can also be used as a tray storage system, with automated loading and unloading. 

THE S-Tec and A-Tec cooling and freezing spirals ensure optimum product quality, and can be integrated seamlessly into a full processing line. Offered in a range of belt widths, the systems feature two-stage cooling and freezing, an innovative frost-management system and controlled air balance, temperature and moisture control. 

Cooling coveyors from GEA allow biscuits and other products to cool naturally to ambient temperatures before further processing or packaging. Sets of conveyors can be designed to fit any building layout and footprint. 


Storage and cooling tower

The versatile TOR storage and cooling tower from GEA allows products on trays to be stored and cooled naturally after they have been baked, and before injection or depanning and transfer for packaging . Replacing traditional long cooling conveyors, the space-saving TOR tower unit is commonly integrated into a complete production plant, to cool products coming out of the GEA Imaforni oven. The tower unit can also be used as storage for tray recollection, with automated loading and unloading.

The TOR cooling tower comprises an ascending and a descending tier of tray-holding slots into which the baking trays are transferred from the oven to allow their products to cool. After cooling for the specified length of time the trays can then be transported directly to the  injection system for product filling at ambient temperature, or moved on to the depanning unit, before the products are delivered to the packaging section. The vertical TOR tower system saves a considerable amount of space in the production area when compared with a horizontal cooling conveyor.

The versatile TOR tower has a dual function, and can also be used as an automated tray storage, loading, unloading unit, which removes the need to manually load and unload trays when the plant is turned off and on. 

GEA can customize the tray capacity of the TOR tower to match the capacity of your plant.