Flush Valves

The Flush Valves are one of the main components of a Flush System. It is another efficient method for cleaning alleys and holding area of dairy farm.

A Flush System is an efficient method for cleaning alleys and holding area of a dairy farm. It is automated, low maintenance, and requires very little labor. The Flush valves are optimally designed and are commonly fed by the 8" Flush Pump (vertical or on pontoon) – a low RPM pump offering a high flow rate of over 3,000 gpm.

Two flush valve models are available, one for manure alley cleaning and another for holding area cleaning. Both works similarly, the main difference is in the width and pattern of discharge. While the flush valve for manure alley provides a high volume discharge with narrow pattern, the other model for holding area offers a wider cleaning pattern up to 20 feet (6 m) wide thanks to its front lid flow pattern adjustment.

The air bag pressure inside the flush valves is operated by a control panel to ensure a smooth transition from one valve to another and to prevent water hammering from occurring inside the flush lines. Between flush cycles, the flush valves remain closed by he inflated air bag. When flush cycle is initiated, air pressure is rapidly released allowing for the first flush valve to open fast and to remain opened for the cleaning time period. As the flush valve is gradually inflated the following one opens and proceeds to its flush cycle.

  • Stainless steel base for long life span
  • Even and controlled liquid distribution.
  • Directed high volume flushes without splashes.
  • Labor and time savings 
  • Simple and reliable controls.
  • Robust and reliable 8" airbag to open and close the flush valve.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • A complete range of flush line fittings are available to ensure maximum performance and durability.

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