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GEA Service Level Agreements for Filling and Packaging

Keep your filling and packaging equipment fit with GEA Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements (SLA) offer enhanced support services to maintain, monitor, analyze and optimize your filling and packaging systems in a structured and flexible way. With an SLA agreement, you will have a full overview of your plant with constant transparency over the status of equipment, availability, total productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.

Your strategic challenges:

  • Eliminating losses while maximizing productivity, efficiency and return on investment 
  • Ensuring optimal results following analysis and data management in accordance with agreed KPIs 
  • Improving cost management 
  • Continuous monitoring of the product quality to ensure line safety 
  • Minimizing unexpected breakdown and downtime of the producing line.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Build a modular approach with customized packages based on your needs 
  • Get transparency on maintenance plans: wear & tear components list shared with you 
  • Ensure the highest planning reliability and flexibility with a lean maintenance plan
  • Have a defined yearly budget with fixed maintenance costs for a complete maintenance cycle of four years 
  • Have a dedicated Project Manager to implement and follow your program 
  • Achieve optimal machine operation, maintenance & condition monitoring with GEA experts 
  • Maximize performance with GEA extra packages (supplementary services)

Filling and packaging Service Level Agreements designed for your needs

We will work with you to select and develop your tailor-made Service Level Agreements. GEA offers three modular building blocks.

Filling and packaging Service Level Agreements designed for your needs
  • PreventiveCare: to maintain the working life of your equipment or plant with a collaborative help desk, GEA planned maintenance inspection & preventive maintenance, spare & wear parts for maintenance, and periodic SLA evaluation. 
  • PredictiveCare and ProactiveCare: to monitor and analyze your equipment and plant and help to extend machine lifetime and improve overall output. In addition to the standard service, with PredictiveCare you have access to an Advanced Reporting Service and proactive data analysis. 
  • PerformanceCare: to optimize your equipment and plant for performance, reliability, and legislative higher sustainability. In addition to the standard service and data analysis, you will have access to a performance check with a mechanical test of the line following the overhaul, and a handling rotation (supply of a complete new set of the grippers to replace the worn grippers installed).

Maximize performance with GEA extra packages (supplementary services)

GEA flexible additional services are available to support any of your needs to maximize your performance following the SLA program:

  1. GEA AseptiCheck® to protect the operation of your aseptic beverage plant and safeguard the final quality of your product by safely controlling the risks regarding every process parameter of an aseptic filling system. 
  2. GEA Functional mechanical audits and line improvement solutions that can help to expand the life cycle of lines by foreseeing issues in advance, increasing efficiency and implementing the latest technologies. 
  3. GEA Electronic Check-up Service to prevent out-of-date electronics being stocked as spare parts. 
  4. GEA Aseptic Training to train your staff in a cost-effective and efficient way, allowing an increase in aseptic line performance, reduced maintenance costs, a safer working environment, and helping you to develop more motivated employees.

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