GEA fillers represent the industry’s most advanced technology for the filling of liquid products into plastic bottles. They combine flexibility, performance and operational safety for applications throughout the sector.

The fillers developed by GEA for products such as water, CSD, white milk and drinks with preservatives, combine excellent filling performance with the need for cost reduction and safe, easy-to-use technology. They have an open design that allows easy access to the filling/capping area and a very simple maintenance.

These fillers have an automatic foaming system and an automatic standard cleaning cycle to guarantee high hygiene standards. The sanitary membrane valve is the only moving part in contact with the product, and the filing/capping area is protected either by

ambient laminar air or HEPA filter overpressure (as an option).

A neck handling system allows the bottles to be smoothly handled throughout the machine without the need for neck/body counter guides, ensuring a quick bottle changeover.

All fillers can be combined with a Liquid Nitrogen system for container stabilization while filling still products, allowing high filling performance even with lightweight bottles.

Traditional fillers have an HMI system with a touch screen control panel for easy and quick visualization of line warnings and easy troubleshooting.


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