Bulk Powder Fillers

GEA offers a range of Bulk Powder filling systems to suit a wide variety of applications. Our range includes manual and semi-automated solutions that include conveyor or overhead carriage systems for bag handling.

Integrated Solutions for Nutritional Powder Filling

Nutritional powders are source of nutrients tailor made for humans with specific nutritional needs throughout life. These products are often processed and packed to offer prolonged shelf life and easy transportation so that they reach consumers in perfect condition.

GEA offers fully integrated solutions for handling and packing nutritional powders. Our solutions couple leading-edge filling technologies with upstream and downstream systems, including bag handling, palletizing technologies and quality checks. Our range of state-of-the-art bulk powder filling lines minimize exposure of the product to the atmosphere during manufacture, and ensure no human contact with the nutritional powder.

Long shelf life and flavor retention are important properties for many of our customers who fill nutritional powder products that require transporting or storage over extended periods. Temperature and oxygen are both critical to the overall quality of these products, and many oxygen-sensitive powders need to be filled under inert conditions. Our integrated nitrogen and nitrogen/CO2 mixed gas solutions allow customers to achieve the finished product quality that they expect.

Modified atmosphere filling

Powder is preconditioned by replacing the interstitial oxygen with Nitrogen, in the feed system above the filler, prior to being fed into the filling system. Continual purging with Nitrogen whilst carefully monitoring the residual oxygen level in the feed system ensures consistency in the process and overall finished product quality.

A key feature of our powder fillers is the controlled filling of the powder that ensures minimal dust whilst simultaneously blanketing the space above the powder level with inert gas to provide a low oxygen environment in the container. We call this modified atmosphere filling.


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