HYGiPac R1 – Compact Bag Filler

Limited intervention hygienic powder filling system for low throughputs up to 3 metric tonnes/hr

HYGiPac R1
The GEA HYGiPac R1 is the latest hygienic limited intervention powder filler. Driven by the need to reduce building size, this new addition to the range takes advantage of an all new compact design to reduce the space needed for packing operations.

Limited intervention filling for low capacity powder plants

The GEA HYGiPac R1 limited intervention filling system delivers all of the benefits of our larger capacity Li systems at a reduced filling rate and with a much reduced footprint. This results in improved space utilization, reduced overhead on HVAC and utilities and lower overall operating cost.

Product safety is important to our customers - even at low production volumes. The fully enclosed design and automatic bag handling, filling and closing are essential to prevent product contamination whilst ensuring the safety of the machine operator.

The fully enclosed stainless steel design is durable and low maintenance and this means that the system is inherently reliable and safe – for both the product and the operator. The HYGiPac R1 has been designed to provide total control of the bag at all stages in the filling operation. This ensures peace of mind to the plant owner whilst reducing risk and increasing overall operating efficiency.

How it works

Bags are loaded in stacks onto the infeed conveyor where they are automatically fed into the filling area. The bag is presented to the filling system which takes over and fills to the final weight using our bottom up filling technology. Once final weight is reached, the bag is automatically passed to the closing system where the surplus air is removed and the top seal is closed before passing to the downline and palletising system.

Key Features include:

  • Reduced space requirement
  • Bag Control - Bag top positively held during entire filling and closing process;
  • Operator Exclusion - Controlling the bag eliminates the need for an operator to touch unfilled bags, therefore risk of product contamination is greatly reduced;
  • Single machine with integrated functionality from powder in-feed to sealed bag output; 
  • Enclosed filling area - fully enclosed to prevent dust migration, while ensuring product and operator safety
  • Modified atmosphere capable
  • Automated machine adjustment via recipe system to suit specific product types and bag sizes;
  • Bag De-couple system – transfer of the bag to the heat sealer, eliminating the need for bag top leveling;
  • Provision for Automatic Bag De-palletizing System.

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