GEA Remote Support Filling

Three levels of professional remote assistance for your filling technology

GEA Remote Support Filling Service

Proactive maintenance and performance care

The GEA Remote Support Filling platform is based on market-leading technologies, enabling us to build an innovative system that provides our clients with constant and proactive access to our professional engineers with three different levels of remote assistance.

GEA Remote Support Filling platform offers:

  • Help Desk 24/7
  • Advanced Reporting Services
  • Proactive Data Analytics


  • Dedicated senior engineers
  • Proactive continuous monitoring
  • Remote access
  • Augmented reality connection
  • GEA data available on smartphone and tablet
GEA Remote Support Filling help desk 24-7

3-Level support offer

  • A Collaborative 24/7 Help Desk:Dedicated senior engineers who continuously monitor your plant and remotely access control systems using augmented reality (24/7 available for all your production shifts).

  • Advanced Reporting Services:Wegenerate performance or alarm monitoring reports, root cause analysis (for each single production batch, shift or defined period) for predictive maintenance and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) monitoring.

  • Proactive Data Analytics:A pool of engineers is available to analyze plant reports and data,identifying possible actions that will optimize performance and eliminate out-of-specification parameters. This can include consultation calls with plant managers to discuss equipment performance when necessary. 

GEA Remote Support Filling platform architecture

GEA Remote Support Filling data analysis

Using data analysis, we’re able to identify weak points plant and provide expert advice on how to prevent and solve any issues as quickly as possible, to optimize your productivity and efficiency.

Clients interested in these features can also schedule weekly, biweekly or monthly conference calls to discuss both the reports and corrective actions needed to increase their productivity.

Site Visits

Despite modern communication technology, there are still times when human interaction provides benefits. For occasions, we offer on-site support. Our experts will share their knowledge, best practice solutions and even data trends, at your plant or facility, solving your problems with a smile and a handshake.

Your benefits at glance:

  • Proactive assistancethat rapidly identifies any issues with the filling bloc and provides fast troubleshooting.
  • Performance carethrough data analysisto identify remedial actions to optimize performance, bring out-of-range parameters back online, and take either preventive or corrective action.
  • Efficiency reportsfor immediate, easy-to-read insights into how the filling bloc is performing and identify which parameters or factors are affecting overall performance.

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