GEA Smart Filling

Discover a fully integrated, web/mobile app platform where you can find answers to all your service needs. It will help you improve the efficiency and quality of your production and reduce costs long term.

A single platform for all your services

The web based GEA Smart Filling gives you flexible access to data and services regardless of your location. 

  • Always connected 
  • Accessible 24/7
  • Data protection & access control 
  • Intuitive navigation 
  • Fully mobile compatible 

Through our GEA Smart Filling, we’re constantly working to ensure that our customers have operations data and information at their fingertips to provide:  

  • Increased competitiveness: by maximizing the value of your data 
  • Increased productivity:  higher capacity, lower costs and the most effective utilization of available resources.
  • Structured maintenance approach: avoids costly downtime. A planned maintenance system allows front-line supervisors and managers to spend less time dealing with the consequences of system failures. Reduce repair costs. Prevent employee downtime. 
  • Big data & analytics: big data helps provide business intelligence that can reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. Big data analytics can also improve decision making by analyzing past data to make better predictions about the future. 
  • Knowledge development: to increase awareness about the technology. 
  • Performance driven approach development: to analyse critical areas and put corrective actions in place. 
  • Benchmarking: to eliminate guesswork, prioritize improvement opportunities and maximize return on investment.
  • Remote support: real-time streaming with our GEA experts; structured approach with advanced tools. 

The GEA Smart Filling was created to follow our customers on their digital journey. At GEA Filling and Packaging we have always been close to our customers, right from when their plants were first installed. 

Our production support processes are fully digital and interconnected; our advanced data analytics tools create transparency and allow customers to improve their plants and processing lines. 

For producers this means maximum flexibility along the supply chain, more efficient production, and less tied-up capital.

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GEA Aseptic Blow Fill System ABF 2.0

GEA Aseptic Blow Fill System ABF 2.0

Suitable for both high and low acid operations, the ABF 2.0 combines an aseptic blow molding machine with aseptic filler and capper modules, and features a hydrogen peroxide-based sterilization technology for preforms leaving the oven and caps.

GEA Decontamination Blow Fill System DBF

GEA Decontamination Blow Fill System DBF

Ensuring food safety at the best in class TCO, the GEA DBF system make the advantages of preform decontamination and blow-fill integrated technology available to a wider range of sensitive beverages, with options for shelf stable to ESL based on the distribution chain.

GEA ECOSpin2 Zero Aseptic Filling System

GEA ECOSpin2 Zero Aseptic Filling System

ECOSpin2 Zero is the seventh generation of GEA PAA-based aseptic filling blocs, a very compact system that comprises a rotary sterilizer, filler and capper enclosed in a microbiological isolator. FDA-approved, ECOSpin2 Zero is equipped with all the necessary process units to produce sterile water and a PAA solution, and filter all the process fluids.

GEA Modulbloc Aseptic Filling System

GEA Modulbloc Aseptic Filling System

FDA-validated Modulbloc technology is a smart solution for low/medium-speed filling lines. It’s suitable for both HA and LA beverages, can reach production speeds of up to 18,000 bottles per hour on 500 ml bottles and allows a line availability of 165 hours without the need for intermediate SOP cycles during production.

GEA Whitebloc Filling System Aseptic

GEA Whitebloc Filling System Aseptic

Specifically designed for the dairy industry, Whitebloc is the ideal solution for the aseptic bottling of products in HDPE and PET containers. Whitebloc uses an hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)-based sterilization technology to preserve the shelf-life of milk-based drinks and sensitive beverages.


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