Freeze Concentrators

Water removal is the key to concentration of all aqueous products. Various methods are available to remove water from liquid food products. Of all the available methods crystallization provides the highest selectivity toward water removal in that only water is included into the ice crystals.

Freeze Concentration - Precision water removal at freezing temperatures ensuring product quality at its technical best.  

Crystallization of water from liquid products has commonly been referred to as Freeze Concentration. The process has been applied in various forms for centuries. The early forms of freeze concentration generally had problems in efficiently removing the ice crystals as pure water. The concentrated product would stick to the ice surfaces resulting in undesirable product losses. GEA has enhanced the freeze concentration process with its unique solid-liquid separation into a sophisticated process that effectively eliminates these losses and fits perfectly into the modern processing plant. Based on the patented GEA IceCon™ process. This technique creates the optimum growth conditions for an efficient separation of the ice crystals and provides the highest concentration factor for most food liquids.

Commercial systems are designed from standard component sizes depending on your throughput requirements. Multistage systems allow for any capacity from 10 to 5,000 kg/h.


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