Crystallization technology


The most gentle concentration technology on the market. Unique solid-liquid separation. Optimum growth conditions for an efficient separation of ice crystals and highest concentration factor.

IceCon® is a revolutionary change from earlier Freeze Concentration designs. With fewer parts and a smart combination of functions, the process of freeze concentrating products is greatly simplified.

Various methods are available to remove water from liquid food products, of all available methods, Freeze Concentration provides the highest selectivity, since only water is contained in the ice crystals. Because the water is removed at the freezing point, what is left behind is a concentrated syrup with all the flavors, volatile and health promoting ingredients that are in the feed. Quality retention to its maximum.

GEA has enhanced the Freeze Concentration process with its unique solid-liquid separation into a sophisticated process that fits perfectly into a modern processing plant and effectively eliminates quality loses.

Commercial systems are designed from standard component sizes depending on your throughput requirements. Multistage systems allow for any capacity from 10 to 10,000 kg/h

IceCon® is GEA's latest Freeze Concentration design family.

Key features

  • Simple design
  • No thermal degradation or oxidation
  • Preserves volatiles 
  • Eliminates solids loses
  • Maintains original product characteristics
  • Eliminates microbiological activity
  • Continuous and stable operation

Working Principle

Working Principle IceCon®

The IceCon® design includes a vessel with a cooling jacket. While the inner wall of the vessel is scraped, the outer wall is cooled down by a circulating refrigerant. This makes it ideal for producing ice crystals. In the crystallizer and by creating residence time, the crystals grow into an optimal size, which can then be separated from the concentrated liquid.

In the wash column, the IceCon® separates the concentrated liquid from the ice crystals. The compressed ice crystal bed is efficiently washed with melted ice to remove all traces of concentrated liquid, ensuring that all original product characteristics and valuable components remain in the concentrate.


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