CompaCon® Evaporators

The next big thing on small-scale production. Skid mounted Falling Film and Forced Circulation Evaporators.

The GEA CompaCon® Evaporators are highly adaptable and compact evaporators; easy to transport, assemble, install and operate.

They use the reliable Falling Film (FF) and Forced Circulation (FC) evaporation technologies on the most diverse applications, from food production to chemical and waste-water treatment. The GEA CompaCon® FC Series is the option to go with when working with highly viscous liquids.

Both series present the benefits of a standardized system while portraying maximum flexibility, offering fast commissioning, guaranteeing a lower time-investment in engineering and delivery.

Particular features:
  • Sizes
    Ranging from 20-3000l/h water evaporation.
  • Energy efficient 
    Can be powered fully electrical with a COP of 30.
  • Time saving
    The CompaCon® Evaporators have a preassembled skid design to be installed within 2 days. The pre-commissioning before shipment allows for them to start up within a week.
  • Easily transportable
    The units can be shipped in sea freight container.
  • GEA HMI 
    Standardized GEA Codex HMI compatible with all other GEA CODEX units. 
  • Product specific design
    A small sample of the customers' specific product can be tested in our R&D center, making specific process warranties possible.


  • Proteins (Insect, animal and plant based)
  • Food ingredients & texturizers
  • Waste waters with high solid freights


Additional Modules:

Boosting your CompaCon® and complement your process by adding modules.

  • Feed balance tank
    Design to feed product/CIP or emergency water. 
  • Direct steam injection
    Design as a sterilization step for the concentrated product.
  • Virtual commissioning (GEA Test Twin)
    High End Factory Acceptance Test of the PLC software and perfect operators training tool on start up, production, shut down, cleaning weeks before the plant is installed.

FF Series

CompaCon® FF Series

With a range of 50-3000 l/h, the CompaCon® FF Series is a Falling Film evaporator suitable for food production as well as chemical and waste-water treatment applications.

On its XS size, the CompaCon® FF Series can act as a pre-concentrator for a GEA Mobile Minor® spray dryer, boosting the powder production up to five times and giving the powder a finish closer to that of an industrial plant.

This Series has two power options depending on the evaporator's size:

Smaller sizes are powered with thermal energy by means of a Thermal Vapor Recompressor (TVR) whereas the larger sizes are powered with a Mechanical Vapor Recompressor (MVR), the latest steam-free development of small-scale MVRs and driven solely on electrical energy, guaranteeing a reduced CO2 footprint and cooling water demand.

Heating principle
Evaporation capacity








Steam / Electrical



Steam / Electrical


All relevant components of the CompaCon® FF Series are already installed in two modules, meeting the standards for container transportation and making its assembly possible within a day thanks to the field checked electrical installation that accompanies the modules.
Working principle of a Falling Film Evaporator

FC Series

CompaCon® FC Series

With a range of 50-1500 l/h, the CompaCon® FC Series is a Forced Circulation Evaporator apt for food production as well as chemical and waste-water treatment applications. Best suited for working with highly viscous liquids and insoluble containing products.

The special logic-control of the CompaCon® FC series, guarantees the plant to run on the desired concentration. Only compliant end-product will be discharged. Any deviation from the ideal concentration will stop the discharge until the desired concentration is reached again. The discharge will be continuous for big discharge rates and intermittent for small ones

The CompaCon® FC Series comes in one piece, already fully mechanically and electrically assembled, ready for the utilities to be plugged in. The unit, fully checked and pre-commissioned with water, can be shipped in one sea freight container.

Available on sizes S and M, it can be powered with thermal energy by means of a Thermal Vapor Recompressor (TVR). 

Heating principle
Evaporation capacity







Working principle of a Forced Circulation Evaporator

Heating options for thermal separation plants

Traditionally, an evaporator or crystallizer is heated by live steam, but waste heat can be used as energy source as well, as long as the amount of energy required for the thermal separation process is given.

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