Cooling & Quenching

Packed Cooling Tower (Column Cooler)

Rapid cooling or quenching of gas streams. Used in several essential applications in the process industries.


The vertical vessel (Tower, Column) is equipped with installations inside that enable an intensive contact between the scrubbing liquid and the exhaust gas to be cooled. The choice of installations depends on the composition of the exhaust gas.

The naming of the cooling type depends on the kind of internal columns.

  • Packed-bed evaporation cooler
  • Packed evaporation cooler 
  • Tray evaporation cooler
  • Spray evaporation cooler

Key features:

  • CFD simulation for optimized gas distribution and nozzle arrangement
  • No dust agglomeration on distribution plates thanks to rapping devices
  • low maintenance and low maintenance costs
  • Compact design
  • Cleaning function available only after a specific deadtime

Working Principle

Working Principle of Packed Column Cooler

The gas and cooling liquid are inserted into the counterflow. 

The exhaust gas to be cooled enters at the lower end of the column and is led to the upper end. 

At the top, the cooling liquid is distributed equally over the whole tube cross section and flows down again over the column installations where it is collected in a container.

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