Single Pot Processors

Whether your requirement is for mixing, granulation or drying, at GEA we have a solution for every pharmaceutical processing challenge. UltimaPro Single Pot Processors (One-Pot Processor) offer a choice of mixing, granulation and drying options integrated into one processing vessel. With our help, choose the most appropriate technique for the product.

Single Pot Processing and its Benefits

Single pot processing (one pot processing) is a term that includes any technology that combines different unit operations of a pharmaceutical production process into one machine. Mostly however, one speaks about a single pot processor when talking about a high-shear mixer-granulator that is also equipped with drying technologies. Thus, single pot processing is the production of pharmaceutical or nutraceutical granules using a wet granulation process in which dry mixing, liquid addition, wet granulation, drying and sizing of the granules is done in one machine.

The benefits of this type of processing are:

  • By integrating granulating and drying capabilities into a single unit, capital investment in equipment and good manufacturing practice (GMP) floor space is lower than other alternatives. 
  • The number of material handling steps is decreased: consequently, the total processing time is shorter while maintaining a high yield and keeping production support to a minimum. At the same time also the number of required operators is reduced. 
  • Environmental variables, such as humidity, are eliminated from the manufacturing process, which may offer advantages for processing moisture-sensitive formulations. 
  • Requirements for solvent recovery systems are lower for single-pot processors compared with fluid bed dryers. 
  • Reaching a high level of containment is easy by application of the correct measures at in- and outlet valves. 
  • A single pot can be changed over in less than 2 hours, which makes it a very attractive technology if a large number of different products - demanding a high number of product changeovers - has to be produced.

Single pot processing is an extremely flexible technology; with its various processing options, it’s ideal for many different application and products. Whether for standard wet granulation, melt granulation, pelletizing or effervescent production, and/or combined with vacuum or microwave drying, a single pot processor can achieve the required result. The swinging bowl option enhances this flexibility even further by being able to process older formulations to a high quality standard. Quick product changeover is simple and efficient, and the equipment is easy to clean as a result of the clean-in-place (CIP) system.


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