Cool under all conditions.

Rotary Coolers

Cool under all conditions.

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Cascade Cooler

Similar to the operating principles of Cascade Dryer, but with the hot gases substituted by ambient or chilled air, Cascade Coolers always operate in counter-flow. Generally used for lower temperatures, coarse product applications or in conjunction with an indirect system.

External Spray Type Water Cooler

External Spray Type Water Cooler

Simple design with either a continuous or recirculated flow of water being continuously irrigated over the rotating drum by a series of external water sprays mounted over the drum. 

Suitable for dusty and/or high temperature applications (i.e. where products are fed from kilns, calciners or ovens) where space is limited, or where the material must be cooled to a temperature approaching ambient.

Sectional Cooler

Sectional Cooler drawing 2

The sectional cooler has individual product chambers that are cooled via water within a closed circuit. The design ensures that the hot material is in continuous contact with the water cooled walls of the vessel. 

The system is more efficient and has the advantage of presenting a much larger cooling surface. The individual product chambers also ensure gentle action thus avoiding degradation of the material.

Combined Dryer/Cooler – Central Tube Type

Is configured to maintain the counter-current principle through both the drying and cooling zones with supplemental drying air being introduced by a central tube. With the cooler exhaust being used as heated drying air, this configuration minimizes airflow and the associated electrical fan power. Best suited for high ambient temperature and humidity conditions (as in sugar cane regions).

Combined Dryer/Cooler - Central Discharge Type

This combines co-current drying and counter-current cooling, with the converging airflows being exhausted from the centre of the dryer/cooler. Permits higher drying temperatures, reducing drum diameter and is especially suitable for beet, cane and certain 'special' sugar applications.

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