Ring Dryers

P-Type Ring Dryer

The solution for drying thermally sensitive products.

The presence and location of a single-blade "manifold" in the P-Type Ring drying system is what differentiates it from the Flash dryer and other Ring dryers.

The manifold uses the centrifugal forces created through passing a product containing airstream around a curve to concentrate the product into a moving layer. The adjustable splitter blade is used to cut this layer and return the heavier, semi-dried material back to the top of the drying column, where the temperature is lower, for another pass through the system.  The lighter, drier product exits the manifold and proceeds to the product collection system. 

In addition to improving the thermal efficiency of the system, the use of the P-Type manifold in recycling the solids to a cooler section of the system, also minimizes the risk of thermal degradation.  As a result the P-Type Ring Dryer is well suited to use with thermally sensitive materials including modified starches and soy fibre.


  • Single stage classifier configured within P-shaped drying duct
  • Choice of various disintegrators and dispersers
  • Choice of a buffer hopper or back-mixing system if required
  • Can be designed for open circuit or partial gas recycle
  • Can be designed for operation in an inert atmosphere


  • Uses centrifugal forces to promote the recycling of heavier wetter material into a relatively low temperature section to minimize heat degradation
  • Use of the disintegrator/disperser in combination with the manifold provides close control of particle size, product moisture and exhaust temperature to ensure the best product quality
  • Flexibility to work with different dewatering systems and to enable use with friable and non-friable wet feeds
  • Enables energy savings and system integration
  • Suitable for operation with solvent and recovery thereof

Process Flow Diagram

P-Type Ring Dryer

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