LYOVAC® Freeze dryers for small scale production modules

For flexible product development and small-scale production, including the use of nests and tubs, the FCM-I range of LYOVAC® Freeze Dryers from GEA provides reliable, safe and cost-effective productivity and price/performance excellence.

Designed to comply with the most stringent good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards, the LYOVAC® FCM 25-I, FCM 75-I and FCM 150-I freeze dryers are a unique and efficient combination of proven technology and individual solutions that are customized to meet specific user requirements.

Integrated VarioSys® Isolator

Built with operator safety in mind, full isolator protection for processes involving potent or toxic substances is available, and each unit is supplied with an integrated L-flange for the modular isolator system VarioSys®.

Supplied in three sizes (1.5 m², 4.5 m² and 9.9 m²) with nominal condenser capacities of 25 kg, 75 kg and 150 kg, the smaller FCM 25-I machine can process up to 6500 vials (2 mL) per batch, whereas the larger FCM 75-I and FCM 150-I units are capable of handling more than 20,000 and 42,000 similarly sized vials, respectively. An automatic loading and unloading system (ALUS®) is available.

FCM 25-IFCM 75-IFCM 150-I
Shelf area1.5 m²4.5 m²9.9 m²
Kg ice/24 h25 kg75 kg150 kg
Possible Load
2R vials652320,03942,406
6R vials338810,50622,295
20R vials1778558311,900

VarioSys: Evonik Case Study

The LYOVAC® freeze dryer offer the following features and benefits:

Plus, fully compatible with toxic, potent and volatile products, the FCM units are ATEX-compliant and designed for easy scale-up. Partial loading is also possible for variable batch sizes.

Operating in a Grade C environment, other modules, such as filling and capping systems, can be quickly and easily interchanged, resulting in both a dramatic reduction in footprint and equipment costs. 

Available for rapid delivery — with low infrastructure requirements — for multiple product and/or delivery device lines, the modules offer an ideal solution for vial, ampoule, syringe and cartridge processing, as well as liquid, powder or lyophilized form applications.

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