Fluid Bed Dryers & Coolers


After treatment - secondary drying and cooling - constitutes an essential part of powder production. The VIBRO-FLUIDIZER® is recognized for its efficiency and gentle processing - whether it is a fine powder or an agglomerated product.

A vibrating Fluid Bed provides optimal processing conditions and transport of products with relatively poor fluidization characteristics. The VIBRO-FLUIDIZER® is most often applied as a final stage in a spray drying process for after drying or cooling, but it can also be operated as an individual unit to dry, cool, de-dust or agglomerate powders from other processes. The VIBRO-FLUIDIZER® is a 100% sanitary vibrating Fluid Bed complying with the strictest standards and regulation in the dairy and food industries.

The drying process

VIBRO FLUIDIZER powder 1200x675

The moist powder layer is vibrated on an air distributor plate. The effect of the vibration combined with the upward and forward directed flow of drying air through the perforated plate create ideal processing conditions and powder transport. Thanks to the vibration, it is possible to operate with fluidized powder layers of less than 200 mm. This gives a narrow and swift controlled residence time whilst avoiding attrition.

The perforation of the air distributor plate design is selected according to the product application, and it is possible to adjust the angle and direction of the forward directed airflow. This makes the VIBRO-FLUIDIZER® a very efficient post-drying unit where the powder comes close to the equilibrium of the incoming drying air. Further, it is self-emptying.

The VIBRO-FLUIDIZER® can be equipped with integrated retractable CIP nozzles for a complete and efficient CIP wet cleaning with very short turnaround time. The VIBRO-FLUIDIZER® is a truly sanitary vibrating plug flow fluid bed complying with the strictest standards and regulation.

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