Fluid Beds

Fluid bed technology is a core technology of GEA. We supply several different types of Fluid Bed units for application within food and dairy products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. All are applied for drying and/or cooling of particles - powders, agglomerates or pellets - and for production of agglomerates and granulates from fine powders.

Fluid Bed Processing for Pharmaceutical Solid Dosage Forms

For more than 50 years, GEA has supplied advanced fluid bed processing plants for blending, granulating, drying, pelletizing and coating to the pharmaceutical industry. This includes small capacity systems designed for R&D as well as industrial size plants for the batch production of pharmaceutical compounds under cGMP conditions.

Granulating, Drying, Pelletizing and Coating

Using proven standard components, GEA makes plant design both simple and flexible. User-selected process modules, filters, control systems and air preparation units can be combined in a system that meets your process requirements exactly. This modular approach ensures that qualification and validation procedures are kept to a minimum.

Process Intensification

Current Good Manufacturing Practices increasingly require that product is fully contained during processing to protect operators and the environment. Integrated process systems not only offer containment but also improved productivity through automation, increased yield and efficient cleaning procedures.

WIP and CIP: Process optimisation depends on efficient, effective cleaning. Automation of the cleaning process ensures repeatability, allows validation and minimizes downtime. All process plant can be supplied with a basic wash-in-place (WIP) system or with fully automated clean-in-place (CIP) system, including process filters that do not have to be removed for cleaning. 

Product discharge: For automatic product discharge, pneumatic conveying or gravity based systems are available for use with the Non-Sifting Gill Plate™ air distributor technology. In addition, for standard products and fragile powders, rapid discharge using GEA Pharma Systems’ lean phase conveying system is offered: airflow from both above and below the air distributor is used to discharge the dry granules in a very efficient manner, avoiding the need to place the receiving container under negative pressure. 

Process Equipment

For maximum process flexibility, GEA can supply a single fluid bed unit, a Multi-Processor™ system with interchangeable modules or the FlexStream™ fluid bed processor that combines multiple operations in a single unit. GEA has a series of fluid bed processors that are suitable for formulation, process development, the production of clinical material through to full-scale production.     

Our complete range of process equipment is designed with system integration in mind. Fluid bed dryers and coaters can be combined with top-drive and bottom-drive high shear mixer-granulators, wet and dry milling facilities, product handling systems, binder and coating preparation units and filtration units. Safety, containment, product flow and building requirements are designed in for optimum process efficiency.


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