Fluid Bed Dryers & Coolers


The CONTACT FLUIDIZER Fluid Bed is the solution for very large-scale fluid bed drying of wet powder chemical bulk products. It has a compact design, high thermal efficiency, and low gas throughput.


The drying process


Wet powder is introduced into the back-mix section of the CONTACT FLUIDIZER where evaporation starts and the powder becomes directly fluidizable. The proprietary Rotary Feed Spreader ensures the continuous uniform distribution of the wet feed material that is a prerequisite for maintaining the ”homogeneity” of the back-mix section and thereby its performance. The semi-dried powder enters the plug flow section, where the powders' residence time is fully controlled. If, as a final step, product cooling is required, the fluid bed is extended with a plug flow section equipped with internal cooling panels.

The gas required for the fluidization of the powder is distributed by the GILL PLATE, tailor-made for the individual plant, to ensure even gas distribution over the bed, good transport of lumps and effective emptying of the fluid bed at shut-down.

When it comes to thermal efficiency, the heating panels submerged into the fluidized powder layer make the design unique because of its highly effective method of transferring the heat from the panels to the powder through the fluidizing gas.


  • Available as an open system to handle powdery water based feeds and as a closed-cycle system for powders wetted with organic solvents
  • Low specific energy consumption
  • Average particle-size range 50-800 μm
  • Long product residence time, gentle drying
  • Optimized drying profile due to the combination of back-mix and plug flow sections
  • Low specific air flow due to the application of heating panels
  • Available w/o CIP system for efficient cleaning
  • Available with Integrated Filters

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