Automation & Control for Refrigeration and Heating Systems

Operators of industrial refrigeration & heating systems want power at their fingertips — and real-time data — to help them make critical decisions to control their production processes to maximize efficiency and reduce system downtime. GEA’s innovative control & monitoring solutions provide these capabilities.

GEA Omni Control Panel

GEA OmniControl

We asked operators what they wanted to see in an ideal industrial refrigeration control panel. They told us, and we applied this operator-centric approach to guide the development of this intuitive, world-class powerhouse.

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GEA Omni Control Panel for Complete System Control

GEA Omni Control Panel for Complete System Control

Diagram excerpted from the GEA Omni Complete System Control brochure, downloadable below.

As a central command center, the GEA Omni for complete system control eliminates the need for auxiliary control systems. GEA Omni’s open system design allows monitoring of GEA components as well as those from other manufacturers. From the primary refrigeration system components to the position of valves and pumps, the entire refrigeration system is controlled from one panel.

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GEA Grasso Maintenance Monitor

GEA Grasso GMM

The GEA Grasso Maintenance Monitor provides the perfect combination of interval- and condition-based monitoring for wearing components on GEA V Series piston compressors. This approach avoids performing maintenance and replacing parts simply based on run hours alone, which is often not necessary. The GGMM helps you to get maximum value from your equipment investment by lowering overall maintenance costs and extending equipment life.

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GEA G-Plex

GEA G-Plex is a brand-new GEA product providing state of the art user interface and realizing easy and secured connectivity towards the GEA cloud technology. With your own device you will be able to make an easy connection to the GEA G-Plex module where you can view and operate our GEA products.

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Refrigeration system efficiency – at your fingertips

The industrial refrigeration industry, like all others, continually strives to provide greater productivity, increase energy efficiency and adopt sustainable practices, such as changing to natural refrigerants and reducing CO2 emissions. In addition, digitalization strongly shapes how we live and work in today’s world and operators of refrigeration systems want power at their fingertips, and real-time data, to help them make critical decisions to control their production processes.

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