Reciprocating Compressors

GEA Grasso V XHP

Reciprocating compressors for industrial refrigeration

A high-pressure ammonia reciprocating compressor making the most efficient NH₃ heat pump GEA RedGenium best-in-class.

The GEA Grasso V series stands for reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) thanks to less power consumption and maximum reliability. This proven high-efficiency compressor concept is available for heat pump applications.

The GEA Grasso V XHP series can now provide water temperatures up to +95 °C and a larger capacity range with a maximum design pressure of 63 bar. This makes these new models the first choice for all hot water applications up to +95 °C to meet industrial requirements in the food industry and elsewhere, especially for cleaning and processing.

The V XHP will be available in four different types (4; 6; 8 and 10 cylinder). The V XHP is the heart of our successful GEA RedGenium models and also available in a package.

The state-of-the-art GEA Omni control panel with built-in control apps unlocks the sophisticated operating options of the compressor.

In short, the new V XHP is true to its roots in the V series philosophy, which has efficiency in its DNA, but it’s even hotter!

Highlights & Technical Features

  • Safety: A multi-stage safety chain against excess pressure.
  • High-end design: Specific heat pump design and component with an industry leading GEA Omni control panel.
  • Sustainability: By using NH3 there is a global warming potential of zero.
  • Reliability: A factory-tested new compressor embedded in proven design by a manufacturer with long-term experience with heat pumps.
  • Performance: The 10-cylinder compressors offer a maximum heating capacity of approximately 2300 Kw under conditions to +35 °C and +95 °C.

ParametersGEA Grasso V XHP
ModelsV 350XHP, V 550XHP, V 750XHP, V 950XHP
Heating Capacity 35/95 degreesApprox. 700 to 2300 Kw
Suction pressure range-15 °C / +60 °C
Max Discharge pressureTc= +98 °C for water at +95 °C
Speed Min / max500 / 1500 rpm
Total swept Volume at full load 1500rpm376 to 941 m3/hr
Design suction pressure30bar
Design discharge pressure63bar
Design differential pressure50bar
Oil pumpExternal connection
ControlsGEA Omni

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