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GEA BluGenium

The GEA BluGenium chiller, equipped with a reciprocating compressor and powered by natural refrigerant ammonia, arrives fully piped and wired for immediate setup. Engineered for maximum energy efficiency, it excels under full and partial loads, making it the essential choice for your cooling needs.

GEA BluGenium chiller

GEA has used its many years of engineering experience in the development of the GEA BluGenium ammonia chiller for indoor installation. This has resulted in outstanding energy efficiency that reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to a minimum. The extended series now covers seven model sizes, increasing the available capacity range by almost 60%.

GEA BluGenium is the first choice for market-leading efficiency even with high part-load operation.

Optimized Efficiency for Every Load

GEA BluGenium is flexible and energy efficient, whether your refrigeration plant operates at full-load or part-load. With a European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) above 9, the models offer maximum energy-efficiency, with minimum energy consumption and cost, under all load conditions.

Highlights & Technical Features

  • Compact reciprocating chiller
  • Excellent part-load efficiency, ESEER above 9
  • Fulfils EcoDesign requirements
  • Future-proof with natural refrigerant ammonia (R717) – in accordance with the F-gas regulations, the initiative for the prohibition of F-gases.
  • 310 – 2,040 kW full-load cooling capacity R717, 12 / 6°C
  • Secondary refrigerant outlet temperature -15 to +15°C 

With the two reciprocating compressors GEA Grasso V1400 and V1800 now available with the BluGenium, this series delivers about 60% more cooling capacity than before.

GEA BluGenium
Type Cooling capacity (kW)
R717, 12 / 6°C
EER Dimensions (mm) Weight

GEA BluGenium 300 310 5.9 4600 1400 2250 5700
GEA BluGenium 450 460 5.9 5000 1400 2250 6100
GEA BluGenium 600 615 6.0 5600 1400 2250 7600
GEA BluGenium 900 860 6.0 5600 1400 2300 8100
GEA BluGenium 1200 1290 5.9 6000 1400 2300 9700
GEA BluGenium 1400 1665 5.7 6800 1400 2300 11100
GEA BluGenium 1800 2040 5.6 7800 1400 2300 12500
GEA Blu Chillers

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Looking for the perfect chiller to suit your refrigeration needs?

GEA Grasso V 1100

The heart of the GEA BluGenium chiller is the V series reciprocating compressor.

The V Series reciprocating compressors are characterized by compact design, high reliability, high-quality components, ease of maintenance and minimal total cost of ownership due to low energy consumption.

The low specific power consumption is based on the structural characteristics of the reciprocating compressor. The design of the GEA Grasso V compressor enables low discharge temperatures and a small pressure drop that enhance system efficiency.

Our reciprocating compressors are manufactured in 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. We invite you to visit and see the precision and quality of our production process first-hand.

Natural refrigerants

GEA chooses natural refrigerants

GEA strongly believes that refrigeration and heating systems with natural refrigerants are predestined to meet the growing global demand for cooling and air-conditioning. Why? Because they are climate-neutral and cost-effective. GEA relies on the climate friendly refrigerant ammonia (R717, NH3), because of its global warming potential (GWP) & ozone depletion potential of zero.

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