GEA manure Decanter

GEA manure Decanters are designed to address the critical need to reduce the phosphate and nitrogen content of manure, thereby facilitating its environmentally friendly use as a natural fertilizer. Solid particles are efficiently dewatered to a liquid consistency for further processing into a hygienic fertilizer.

Decanter pro series
dewatered manure

Best separation of nutrients.

Livestock manure is a valuable fertilizer in modern agriculture. However, it must be properly integrated into the natural nutrient cycle. 

GEA manure Decanters turn manure into a recyclable resource to generate energy and reusable material – with the best possible yield.

The aim is to process the liquid manure, treat the associated nutrient surpluses and make specific use of the resulting products.
manure separation

Features and benefits

  • Highest separation efficiency of N (40%) and P2O5 (70%) using g-forces
  • No chemicals required
  • Closed material flow
  • No filtration system, therefore no blockages
  • Minimum space requirement (m3/h per m2)
  • Easy to install and operate
  • PLC controlled and therefore a completely independent operating system
  • Adjustable bowl speed and automatic differential control via VFD
  • Can be built on a mobile unit, complete with pumps and other equipment
Decanter prime series

Customizable machine configuration

GEA manure Decanter prime

  • Flexible configuration for highly complex preparation processes with individual requirements and large capacities
  • Excellent performance
  • Lowest energy consumption
  • GEA summationdrive® for automatic torque measurement and differential speed control
Decanter pro series

Standardized machine configuration

GEA manure Decanter pro

  • Standardized machine configuration for plug & play integration into processes with little need for customization
  • High performance, low investment and lifecycle costs
  • Resource efficient product that carries the Add Better label
  • Low energy consumption
  • Inline secondary motor (no belts) for high efficiency and low maintenance
Add Better

GEA manure Decanter pro

Resource efficient solution

As one of our most resource-efficient solutions, our GEA manure Decanter pro series carries the Add Better label.* 

Depending on the machine size, the GEA manure Decanter pro series offers energy savings of 15 to 60 percent.

The Add Better label is validated by TÜV Rheinland and based on a calculation and documentation process that meets ISO 14021. The design of the pro series focuses on modularity, energy-efficient product handling, efficient use of electric motors, and the latest gear technology.

*The Add Better label relates to the serial product GEA manure Decanter pro released in 2021. The comparison refers to the predecessor models.

Mobile decanter systems

Moving from farm to farm

GEA offers mobile decanter systems with a plug-and-play design, facilitating swift transportation between farms and immediate usability. These systems come fully equipped with essential components, including pumps, conveyor technology, and a diesel generator for self-sufficient operation.
GEA environmental Decanter lines – safeguarding our resources

GEA environmental Decanter lines

Safeguarding our resources to protect, feed and power the world

GEA environmental Decanters extract valuable materials from sewage sludge, liquid manure, and fermentation residues in an energy-saving and resource-conserving manner, ensuring the best possible yield.

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GEA environmental Decanter lines

GEA environmental Decanter lines - safeguarding our resources

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