Go Intellicant.

GEA Intellicant®: Next level dewatering

GEA Intellicant® ushers in a new era of efficiency in your sludge treatment process by monitoring, automating and optimizing your decanter. Specifically designed as an upgrade kit for existing GEA systems in wastewater treatment plants, this solution ensures efficiency and drastically reduces disposal costs. Unleash the full potential of your decanter with the GEA Intellicant® subscription model.

Go Intellicant.
Decanter pro series

Your decanter can do more.

Incorporating easy-to-install, low-maintenance sensors, AI-supported software, and a performance reporting solution GEA Intellicant®  simplifies the process of obtaining and comparing data from one or more wastewater treatment plants. This not only saves valuable time but also conserves resources.
cost transparency

For clear cost transparency

GEA Intellicant® provides detailed information on all your sludge dewatering costs.

decanter centrifuge

Increases decanter efficiency

Gain deep insight into the operation of your decanter. Improve performance and significantly reduce costs.

manual tasks

Minimizes manual tasks

Automating routine tasks, GEA Intellicant® offers a future-proof solution in times of a shortage of skilled workers.

GEA Intellicant pays off.

GEA Intellicant® pays off.

Each percent DS saves approx. 35,000 - 60,000€ annual disposal costs.*)

*) Example calculation for a treatment plant with a capacity of 125,000 population equivalents and with disposal costs of 90€/t DS in Germany and 150€/t DS in Denmark.

sustainable operations

Next-level dewatering.

Minimize costs, maximize sustainability.

With GEA Intellicant®, you not only experience a significant reduction in operating costs but also actively contribute to environmental conservation. By minimizing COemissions during the transport and disposal of your dewatered sludge, you make a meaningful stride towards a sustainable future.

What's inside GEA Intellicant®?

The hardware package.
The sensors in the hardware package are the eyes of GEA Intellicant®. They monitor your decanter in real-time and provide valuable information about all stages of the process. Without the need for manual sampling.
The virtual operator.
Its AI-supported software ensures a constant dry substance value, optimizes processes through automation, and increases process reliability and stability.
Time-consuming machine adjustments are a thing of the past. GEA Intellicant® automates these processes, so you can focus your efforts elsewhere.
The performance report.
Once a month, you will receive a compact overview of all the key process data. The monthly report is a transparent and detailed depiction of your operational performance and shows where optimization potential lies. It not only serves as a control instrument but also continuously builds confidence in the automated process.
service technician

The efficiency of a subscription.

We care about long-term optimization and have designed GEA Intellicant® as a subscription service to enable continuous support.

Our experienced team answers technical questions, assists with troubleshooting, and provides information on the latest feature updates. No matter where the problem is: We are ready to help  even remotely.

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