Clarifying Decanters for Starch Recovery

For starch recovery clarifying decanters are installed in different process stages depending on the raw material.

Centrifuge - Decanter Centrifuge

For potatoes and tapioca they are used for fruit water separation and pulp dewatering, in the corn starch process GEA decanters are used for fine fiber and gluten dewatering. For the potato and tapioca starch processes it is important to remove the fruit water and with it the proteins and gums as soon as possible from the starch recovering process.

Decanters, with their high centrifugal force, offer the best performance in separating the fruit water and gums or proteins. In the corn starch process the dewatering of fibers and gluten helps to reduce the energy costs in the drying stage.

Features & Benefits

  • High g-Volumes and high speeds for outstanding throughput capacity and separation efficiency
  • Always full torque, thus always high performance
  • High differential speed range
  • Automatic optimization of torque and differential speed for always maximum dry matter independent of feed conditions
  • Reliable and robust technology with high protection lubrication systems, external gears, high quality wear protection
  • Energy efficient operation: no conversion losses of the drive system
  • Food grade design for hygienic processing

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