Batch Mixing Systems

Basic mixing in batch mode

One of the key production steps in the food and beverage industry is product mixing. In the mixing process the individual raw materials are blended in exact proportions with each other, and mixed to ready to drink or premix products. Due to our extensive experience we will offer the suitable solution for your needs.

Effective and gentle product mixing

Basic mixing takes place in batch mode, i.e. a particular quantity of a certain product is manufactured. For exact determination of the weight of the individual components either scale balances or mass flow meters can be used as required. GEA offers the ideal equipment for both types of product mixing.

In case of using mass flow meters the high efficient GEA Varimass system will be used. With the Varimass system the various components are integrated at a valve matrix using a varying number of mixing lines, according to their mixing duty. Their quantities are registered by means of mass flow meters.

The raw materials are introduced to the valve matrix either individually or from a storage tank, depending upon the customer’s requirements. Small quantities prepared in advance (solids, flavorings, etc.) are similarly introduced to the mixing matrix exactly in accordance with the recipe, as are the container materials from the container station.

For product mixing using weighing technology the individual component lines are, in contrast to the GEA Varimass principle, not integrated at a valve matrix but at one or more weighing tanks. In the weighing tanks the individual components are weighed one after another and conveyed to the appropriate mixing tanks. In a variant of the mixing process using weighing technology, the mixing tanks are directly fitted with load cells.



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