Volumetric Piston Depositors

Depositors for every type of cake and pie shell filling

Industry-leading multi-volumetric piston depositors from GEA offer precise depositing and gentle handling of all types of doughs, mixes, batters for cakes and fillings for pie shells. With interchangeable heads, a range of accessories and options including heated hoppers, decorating rollers and guillotines, our machines can be configured to easily switch between products. And of course every GEA machine is backed by decades of industry, technology and engineering expertise.
bake depositor mo
Flexible technologies configured to your applications

The highly configurable DN model depositor is ideal for the accurate dosing of a wide range of batter mixes into cups or molds, and can just as effortlessly deposit jam and chocolate into pie shells.

The DP depositor from GEA is mounted on a chain conveyor for depositing cakes doughs and pie fillings directly into tray indents. The unit can be configured with a static or vertically moving head, or with a dual head for simultaneously depositing two different mixtures.

Built on the same design concept as the DP depositor, the high capacity DPC model depositor is constructed on a C-shaped frame with single shoulder to enable seamless integration into an existing production line.

The DF model depositor is designed to operate on continuous running conveyors for tunnel ovens. The unit can be configured with a range of available heads, and an optional control system prevents product from  being dosed if a cup is missing from the conveyor.  

Model MO

Flexible dosing machine for cake production.

model mo volumetric piston depositors
Designed to deposit muffin, cake, cupcake mixes, the GEA Bake Depositor MO guarantees high accuracy, deep hygiene standards requirements and considerable energy consumption reduction. This machine has been engineered to operate on continuous conveyors, index conveyor and in combination with tunnel ovens.
Flexible, anti-corrosion and hygienic.

Our Depositor MO boasts a corrosion-resistant stainless steel head, ensuring exceptional durability and compatibility with specialized detergents. The versatility of its design offers a choice between fixed or movable heads, allowing for easy switching between dosing and injection systems or facilitating head cleaning, providing remarkable flexibility. Moreover, the new stainless steel design with smoother angles has been engineered to prevent water stagnation, bacterial proliferation, and facilitate the cleaning process, thanks also to the new special gasket designed to seal areas in wet contact.

Efficiency Boost.

Thanks to the new dosing/injection cylinder exclusion system, the GEA Bake Depositor MO eliminates manual exclusion of the cylinder, reducing valves and cylinders needed for individual dosing injection control, thereby boosting efficiency, streamlining operations, and reducing overall maintenance.

Furthermore, GEA has developed an innovative system to control and reduce pneumatic consumption, which automatically decreases pressure and constantly monitors the depositor’s standby conditions to reduce unnecessary air consumption.

In addition, the Depositor MO recovers kinetic energy from braking motors and distributes it to others, which in turn reduces energy consumption.

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Model DN

Single-piston depositor
Single-piston depositor
The DN model volumetric piston depositor can accurately deposit a wide range of delicate batter mixes, such as muffins and cakes, into cups or molds, and is equally well suited to depositing jam or chocolate into pie shells . As the first depositor to be developed by GEA, the DN model has undergone a number of updates and improvements to keep up with our customers’ requirements .

The DN model depositor from GEA has been developed as a versatile, robust machine, which is built on a wheel-mounted frame for fitting or moving along an existing production line. The DN model features a standard pneumatic depositing head that is driven by a single volumetric cylinder, although a motorized version can also be supplied. Ease of use and configurability are key features of the DN depositor, and its gentle dough handling means that the machine can be used for depositing aerated dough mixes or aerated cream. 

As with all our piston-driven units, the DN model demonstrates highly accurate, reliable depositing, every time. A wide range of accessories provide the capability to deposit many different types of mix or batter, for a multitude of product types. The machine can be supplied with different terminal heads, and a heated hopper with stirrer for depositing chocolate is available. 

On top of its versatility and robustness, the DN depositor has been designed to be user friendly and easy to clean, so the product contact parts can be easily and quickly stripped down, without tools.

Model DPC

Multi-piston depositor on wheels
Depositors for every type of cake and pie shell filling
The multi-piston DPC depositor features volumetric cylinders that are ideal for depositing cake doughs, or dosing different types of cream and jam into pies, tarts and quiches. Providing the high accuracy for which GEA machines are renowned, the DPC machine is constructed on a wheel-mounted frame, the DPC machine which can easily and rapidly be integrated into an existing production line to add highly accurate range of depositing options.

Built around the same design concept as the DP model depositor, the DPC machine from GEA can be integrated into an existing production line, and incorporated into a complete high capacity plant, thanks to brushless motorization that guarantees reliability at high speed. 

 The DPC model depositor is built on a C-shaped frame with single side shoulder, which allows the machine to be easily and seamlessly fitted into an existing, structured production line. The volumetric piston system ensures highly accurate depositing and the gentlest handling of even the most delicate, aerated creams. The process involves feeding the mix into a hopper, which is then aspirated by the pistons through a three-way valve. When the required volume has been fed into the cylinders the mix is dosed through the dispenser head. Multiple dispenser heads are available to suit different batters and mixes, and for making a variety of end products

Model DP

Multi-piston depositor
Multi-piston depositor
The DP model depositor from GEA features independent volumetric cylinders, and is ideal for depositing products such a cupcakes, cakes and muffins, on indented baking trays. Our customers worldwide rely on the DP for its accuracy and reliability.
The most widely used GEA Volumetric depositor with independent volumetric cylinders
GEA Volumetric depositor with independent volumetric cylinders

The DP depositor with volumetric cylinders is a robust and flexible machine for depositing just about any mixture onto indented trays. The unit is mounted on an intermittent chain conveyor on which the baking trays travel, and this can be integrated into your existing production line by adding an accelerating device for automatically feeding the trays onto the conveyor system. Both static and vertical movement depositing heads can be supplied, so that even dense mixtures can be handled gently and accurately deposited. The volumetric cylinder depositing head can in addition be equipped with high performance brushless motors, and a dual head is available for depositing either equal or unequal quantities of two different cake mixes.

To make operation as user-friendly as possible, the DP depositor also features an automatic cleaning-in-place washing system that is more effective and faster than manual cleaning.

Ask GEA about our range of depositor accessories, which have been developed to meet diverse requirements for dough and product types, and different volume and production capacities.

Model DF

Volumetric depositor for tunnel ovens
Volumetric depositor for tunnel ovens
The DF model volumetric cylinder depositor from GEA is ideally suited to depositing muffin, cake and cupcake mixes. Guaranteeing high accuracy, the DF machine has been designed to operate on continuous running conveyors or with tunnel ovens.

Versatility is a key feature of the DF depositor. The system is available with a fixed head, a vertical movement head, or with both vertical and horizontal movement heads. There is also the option for increasing throughput and capacity by using brushless motors to drive the depositing head.

The DF depositor features volumetric cylinders that can operate independently and offer guaranteed accuracy. If a cup is missing under one of the outlets, no product is deposited. This level of control avoids accidental deposits on the oven band or belt, and reduces wastage and machine down time. 

Accuracy and versatility are matched by ease of use. The volumetric cylinder head on the DF model is mounted on a frame that moves on slides to allow easy removal, and this enables quick and easy head washing, which speeds change-overs and helps to maximize productivity.

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