Rye bread depositor

GEA offers a versatile system for depositing rye bread doughs, as well as other stiff mixes for end products as diverse as flapjacks, fruitcakes and gluten-free breads.

Bread lines machine DRB

The unit is ideal for the small- and medium-sized bakery that wants to improve the precision and speed of processing sticky dough mixes that are hard to handle and deposit.

The highly versatile, stand-alone DRB model rye bread depositor can be provided with interchangeable die plates, hopper heating and cooling jackets, and a motorized scraper, for configuration to automate the feeding, portioning and placing of a range of viscous doughs and mixes.

Rye bread depositor

Bread lines machine DRB

The DRB model volumetric depositor-extruder from GEA has been designed specifically to deposit rye bread, but also answers the industry’s need for a technology that can accurately deposit a wide range of viscous mixes and doughs for producing a wide range of products, from flapjacks and fruitcakes, to gluten-free bread.

Bread lines machine DRB

Designed to be flexible in its handling of viscous doughs, the DRB model comprises an intermittent running conveyor for baking molds, a head with a hopper, and a teflonized chute for dough feeding. A guillotine system with interchangeable die-plates is used for dough portioning. The equipment can also be supplied with a double jacketed hopper for mix cooling or heating, a grid to facilitate hand loading the mix, and also a motorized scraper for use with viscous mixes.

Featuring a user-friendly touchscreen panel, all the machine functions are easily programmable to simplify operation. The DRB unit has also been designed to incorporate as few components as possible, which facilitates inspection and cleaning and minimizes down time as all the parts that come into contact with the product can be easily stripped down.

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