Layer cake system

GEA offers a highly flexible, high capacity production line for producing fresh cakes, such as birthday cakes, tiramisu, or black forest gateaux.

Our systems can handle fillings, toppings, coatings and decorations, including chopped nuts, chocolate and cream rosettes, to give an individualized finish before transfer for packaging or to a GEA freezing spiral.

The DRT depositor is the perfect machine for depositing soft mixes such as sponge batters, and for filling layer cakes with whipped creams and jam containing small pieces of fruit. Gentle and precise handling ensures that uniformity in the texture and thickness of the mixes is retained for top product quality.

The LTH model layer cake system can be configured to automate initial sponge loading, then sequential filling and layering, for two or more layers. Changing between products of different sizes and shapes is quick and simple, and the easy clean design and construction means that machine down time is kept to a minimum.

Layer cake system

The LTH model layer cake system from GEA has been designed to meet industry’s common requirement for a technology that can produce various kinds of sponge layer cakes that have different fillings. With the LTH machine our customers are are guaranteed user friendly versatility for the production of a range of fresh, frozen or baked layer cakes.

The LTH model comprises a conveyor with adjustable belts that can be adapted to different cake sizes, and on which the layering processes are carried out in sequence. The sponge base is first placed, either by hand or automatically by robots, at the infeed end of the line, and the syrup and cream or jam are then deposited on this base layer through the feed units. The next layer is then pressed down on top, and any fillings are deposited. The process scan then be continued for the requisite number of layers.  

As well as depositing liquid or fluid fillings, the LTH line can be supplied with units to apply particulates such as pieces of hazelnut or almond, and to coat the layers with icing or chocolate. Quick change capabilities mean that cakes of different sizes and shapes can be processed on the same line with minimal stoppage. All the parts that come into direct contact with the product are easily removable for cleaning and the complete conveyor can jet washed to speed and simplify cleaning operations and reduce down time.

For high capacity production, additional automation options are available. These include automatic sponge base loading systems and automatic feed pumps for the filling depositors. 

Roller depositor

The DRT model roller depositor from GEA has been designed for depositing soft mixes such as sponge batter. The system is ideally suited to filling layer cakes. and achieves excellent results when depositing on complete product trays .

The DRT model depositor comprises a wheel-mounted frame and a depositing head under a product feeding hopper. The hopper can be equipped with over-feeding rollers to deposit whipped cream, or heated to deposit creams under controlled temperature. The depositing assembly’s motorized rollers ensure gentle mix handling, which ensures the highest product quality and consistency. 

All the product contact parts are made of stainless steel or food-grade materials and are fully removable for cleaning, to meet the most stringent hygiene requirements for producing both fresh and frozen cakes.  

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