Process optimization as a GEA Service

GEA OptiPartner

Process optimization as a GEA Service

Do you see process stability as a roadblock to increase productivity?

While you focus on your production KPIs, we focus on process stability and process optimization of your production line, using our equipment/process know-how, and cutting-edge digital technologies. We handle the job for you, all the way from development and implementation to support and maintenance of the right solutions on a yearly subscription basis.

Our solutions not only lead to process optimization but also strengthen staff resources. The solutions contain software-based optimizers running on site on a 24/7 basis and ensuring consistent and stable operation with the best possible parameters. This ensures production staff will have more time to focus on overall production conditions and other important value-add tasks in the operations.

Within our service package, we follow optimization KPIs in the process and keep management informed on how the process is actually performing against the given targets.

Process optimization as a GEA Service

Recognize your benefits

  • Increase stability by up to 80%.
  • Increase yield by up to 7%
  • Obtain consistence product quality 24/7
  • No Capex needed

GEA as a partner

Unlike many general-purpose optimization software packages in the market, GEA OptiPartner relies on decades of process design and operation know-how in the dairy industry around the world. Moreover, with GEA OptiPartner you not only have a reliable optimization software running on site, but also access to the full plethora of GEA’s expertise to support your optimization goals.

Process units and line

Our process optimization solutions cover the entire milk powder production line, from standardization to the final powder. This means we support most types of dryers, evaporators, standardization process units and the overall process lines in milk powder plants.


Using advanced data-driven and machine learning technologies, we are able to engineer process optimization solutions that automatically stabilize and control the process closer to the optimum point of operation. As a part of our services, these systems are monitored and updated to adapt to the surrounding changes in the plant.

Customers feedback at a glance

  • Process stability improvement
  • One point to improve all parameters
  • Blockage in tower reduced
  • Energy savings
  • Fail-safe operation by less trained staff
  • Fewer phone calls at night/on weekends

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